Best smart watches for women

The best smartwatches for women are also among the best smartwatches for everyone, but the options vary by style, price, and features.

Yes, anyone will be satisfied with the smartwatches listed below. But these particular models can cater to women with their versatile designs, wrist-friendly sizes and advanced health accessories. Some are also compatible with certain smartphones, but all are among the best smartwatches for women you can buy right now.

Still, not all the best smartwatches for women are created equal. There are some sophisticated fitness trackers that go beyond step counting, helping you manage sleep, stress and menstrual patterns. Others have functional materials that make the ultimate fashion statement. Some of these smartwatches also support LTE, so you can communicate with your wrist, wherever you are.

For brand-specific smartwatch buying advice, check out our guides to the best Fitbit, best Apple Watch and best Garmin watch models. Otherwise, check out all the best smartwatches for women below.

What are the best smartwatches for women?

best smart watch for woman

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We’ve tested dozens of smartwatches in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and we’ve come up with a list of a few that we think are the best smartwatches for women. Our current top pick is the Apple Watch Series 8. Starting at $399, it has practically everything you could want in a wearable. The next-generation smartwatch comes with a brighter screen, thinner display borders and a faster charging cord in the box, as well as a new skin temperature sensor for cycle and sleep tracking.

For Samsung smartphone owners, the Galaxy Watch 5 is the best Samsung watch ever and starts at $279. The Galaxy Watch 5 is a Wear OS 3 smartwatch, and it has new features like a skin temperature reader, a more scratch-resistant screen and a 50-hour battery life.

While we’ll be looking at the top smartwatch options for women, these are good choices for anyone. Smartwatches are not designed for a specific gender, but for specific needs.

The $299.95 Fitbit Sense is another great premium smartwatch for women. The Sense is built on Fitbit’s trusted platform, complete with popular apps and voice assistants. Fitbit Sense provides the most comprehensive view of your health of any smartwatch we’ve ever worn.

If the cumbersome design has put you off smartwatches, the Garmin Lily might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Starting at $199.99, it’s Garmin’s smallest smartwatch yet and one of the best affordable smartwatches around. It doesn’t get GPS, but it has the best display of any Garmin lifestyle watch yet.The best smartwatches you can buy today.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is shown on the wrist.

1. Apple Watch 7

  • Overall the best smartwatch for women
  • Explanations
  • Size: 41mm, 45mm Battery Life (Rated): 18 Hours GPS: Yes Swim Proof: Yes LTE: Optional Mobile Payments: Apple Pay Compatibility: iOS Cycle Tracking: Yes Pregnancy Tracking: With a third party app
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Amazon
  • 349 USD
  • See
  • We check over 250 million products daily for the best prices.

Reasons to buy

  • + Skin temperature reader for cycle + sleep tracking
  • + Crash detection
  • + New watchOS 9 exercise interface
  • + Low power mode

Apple Watch 8 is the best Apple Watch for women yet. What’s new between the Apple Watch Series 8 vs the Series 7 is a skin temperature sensor, which can inform cycle and fertility tracking as well as sleep tracking. The watch can now also provide an ovulation estimate based on your skin temperature data.

The Series 8 also launched with the long-awaited Low Power Mode, which can extend Apple Watch’s latest battery life by up to 36 hours. What’s more, the Apple Watch 8 has a new crash detection feature, leveraging improved motion sensors for instant help when you need it most.

Otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a full-featured health tracker and communication tool. With watchOS 9, this smartwatch packs the latest and greatest the Apple Watch experience has to offer. Whether you want a smartwatch for exercising, answering calls from your wrist, or using the best Apple Watch apps, this is the smartwatch for you.Read our full Apple Watch 8 review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

  • Best Smartwatch for Women with Samsung Phone
  • Explanations
  • Size: 40mm, 44mm Battery Life (Rated): 50 Hours GPS: Yes Swim Proof: Yes LTE: Optional Mobile Payments: Samsung Pay
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  • Amazon
  • 229 USD
  • See
  • The deal is over
  • Monday, December 5
  • 250 million per day for the best prices

Fitbit Versa 4

  • Best smartwatch for women to count steps
  • Explanations
  • Size: 40mm Battery Life (Rated): 6 Days GPS: Yes Swim Proof: Yes LTE: No Mobile Payment: Fitbit Pay Compatibility: Android, iOS Cycle Tracking: Yes Pregnancy Tracking: Yes (with specific watch face)
  • Reasons to buy
  • + Great, slim profile design
  • + Accurate step count
  • + Good battery life

Reasons to Avoid

  • No third party apps.
  • The Fitbit Versa 4 is the best smartwatch for women for basic step tracking based on our testing. We’d say it’s not the best smartwatch for fitness tracking overall, as it struggles to provide accurate heart rate readings. But if you’re looking for something that will push you forward with hourly reminders and alerts when you reach your daily goal, this smartwatch is a great choice.

Not only that, the Versa 4 is a good-looking smartwatch with a slim profile and sleek metallic finish. It looks very similar to the Fitbit Sense 2, yes, but it’s a better choice if you’re on a tight budget or not that interested in stress tracking. The Versa 4 still has reliable sleep tracking and other perks available through Fitbit Premium.Read our full Fitbit Versa 4 review.Fitbit Versa 2 Display Time

7. Fitbit Versa 3

  • A good smartwatch for women under $200
  • Explanations
  • Size: 40mm Battery Life (Rated): 4 Days GPS: NoSwim-Proof: YesLTE: NoMobile Payments: Fitbit Pay Compatibility: Android, iOSCycle Tracking: Yes Pregnancy Tracking: Yes (with dedicated watch face)
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Amazon
  • US$144.64
  • See
  • We check over 250 million products daily for the best prices.
  • Reasons to buy
  • + Good battery life
  • + Color display
  • + On-screen exercise

Reasons to Avoid

  • No GPS.
  • Although it’s the previous generation version, one of the best smartwatches for women interested in basic fitness tracking and advanced sleep tracking is the Fitbit Versa 3, which is the next generation of the Fitbit Versa 2. The Versa 3’s standout upgrade is onboard. . GPS. Even when you leave your phone at home, the Versa can track your location during an outdoor workout. Slicker metallic finishes are also welcome.
  • The Versa 3 also gets a great motivational workout feature, Active Zone Minutes. Active Zone Minutes monitors the time you spend in your fat burning, cardio or peak heart rate zones during exercise. Your goal is to get the AHA and WHO recommended 150 Active Zone minutes per week. Again you can use your Fitbit Versa 3 for phone calls and ask questions to voice assistants, but note that you can only enable one voice assistant at a time.Read our full Fitbit Versa 3 review.
  • This story was updated in September 2022 to ensure that all smartwatches tested and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Media & Tech Lab are in stock and reflect current pricing. .
  • While a smartwatch won’t force you to put on your walking shoes and head out the door, it can be a useful fitness tracker, helping you understand your sleep patterns and more. The latest smartwatches have really useful features while still being stylish — many on our list avoid looking like tacky gadgets. Smartwatches from brands like Fossil and Timex combine fashion and function in one piece, including slim profiles, sleek designs and bold color palettes.
  • Here at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we test all the latest and greatest consumer gadgets like noise-cancelling headphones, electric bikes and every kind of smart home device you can think of. When we test smartwatches, we evaluate dozens of models on factors like features, fit, ease of use and accuracy, comparing pro experiences with real user feedback. We made sure to answer all the important questions: Can I wear this smartwatch in the pool? What if I drop it on the bathroom floor? And most importantly: Are smartwatches really worth the money? We even tested smartwatches for women with “incident detection,” meaning if you fall hard during exercise, an alert will be sent to your emergency contacts.

Overall the best smartwatch for women

best smart watch for woman
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • apple
  • Read more
  • $440 on Amazon
  • 2

Best Value Smartwatch for Women

  • Metropolitan
  • Time X
  • Read more
  • $139 on Amazon

The best smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts

  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Read more
  • $280 on Amazon

The best fashion forward smartwatch for women

  • General 5E
  • Fossil
  • Read more
  • $129 on Amazon

The best smartwatch to boost your health

  • feeling
  • Read more
  • $202 on Amazon
  • Load more
  • After our picks, keep reading to learn more about our process for evaluating smartwatches and what you should keep in mind when buying one. If you plan to use your smartwatch for fitness tracking, check out our favorite exercise apps to keep you active.Overall the best smartwatch for women
  • apple

Apple Watch Series 7

  • apple
  • Now 12% off
  • $440 on Amazon
  • $450 at VERIZON.COM
  • Large, always-on Retina display
  • Built-in GPS and LTE
  • Crack resistant
  • Precious
  • So much battery power

Apple didn’t invent the smartwatch, but it has done a ton to improve it, providing the same clean design and intuitive controls you know from its smartphones and computers. This continues with the Apple Watch Series 7. According to our testing, several enhancements make for a better smartwatch. For starters, thanks to a re-engineered border, the biggest-ever Retina display makes the Series 6 about 20 percent better, while barely changing the watch’s actual size. This makes it easier to read, and it allows for larger buttons across the board for fast, responsive touch control. Battery charging time is also 33% faster. And if you’ve ever broken a smartwatch, as many of our consumer testers have, you’ll appreciate the Series 7’s crack-resistant crystal, which also repels dust and water.

Now let’s talk about health and fitness. With the introduction of Apple Fitness+ (you get three months free with the purchase of an Apple Watch, then it’s $9.99 per month.), the Series 7 offers more guided workouts than ever before, including HIIT, strength, Pilates and Meditation. Advanced sensor technology allows the watch to measure blood oxygen levels, and it can also take an ECG reading every 30 seconds, providing useful insight into your overall heart health. (See a doctor at the first sign of concern, of course.) As for aesthetics, there’s nothing wrong with Apple’s look, but the subtly round case is a nice improvement, plus the Series 7 comes in more colors and It has a wide range. . of straps, including Hermès designs.

Apple recently introduced the Apple Watch Series 8 with new features like temperature tracking and crash detection. We look forward to testing it soon and will report back with our findings.

  • Size 41mm, 45mm
  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • GPS Yes
  • Water resistance 50 meters
  • Compatibility iOS
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  • 2
  • Best Value Smartwatch for Women
  • Time X
  • Metropolitan
  • Time X
  • Now 22% off
  • $139 on Amazon
  • $179 at TIMEX
  • cheapness
  • Durable glass screen
  • Lightweight design
  • Not suitable for swimming.

Timex has bided its time in the smartwatch race, falling behind the category leaders. But with the Metropolitan watch, the iconic brand offers loyalists the option of a familiar watch face with solid intelligence at a very competitive price. Our experts love the high-res, always-on display, 24/7 fitness tracker and accurate GPS, which is good for logging runs.We also found setup easy and the app easy to use. 36 mm case width and 20 mm.

How we test smartwatches

best smart watch for woman

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Our smartwatch reviews are based on extensive tests in the lab as well as tests of new model releases from past best performers. Lab evaluations include more than a dozen individual tests designed to measure performance, ease of use, and stability.

We also have consumers provide panelists with qualitative feedback that they appreciate, such as a watch’s sleep score or a reminder to stand up throughout the day. By the time our experts arrive at a final score for each watch, they’ve collected more than 300 separate data points. The details are:

Performance: This is the most heavily weighted part of our evaluation. We consider the overall functionality of each smartwatch, including the total number of performance features. Our engineers also measure battery life and accuracy of pedometers and heart monitors, when relevant. Finally, we check to see that any smart features work smoothly without any glitches or sync issues.

 Ease of Use: This evaluation starts with out-of-the-box noting how easy it is to set up the smartwatch, including how intuitive it is to use the device and watch with its app, if applicable. How easy is it to use? . . Once the watch is running, our experts measure how easy it is to navigate and check notifications. They also focus on overall comfort, including strap design.

Durability: It consists of two main lab tests. There’s the drop test, in which we drop the smartwatches from 30 inches (the height of a typical countertop), then check to see if they’re still fully functional. Next, there is a water resistance test, where we submerge each watch in about 8 inches of water for 1 minute to fully submerge; Then we wait 24 hours before testing functionality. A smartwatch that fails any of the tests is automatically disqualified from our recommended list.

How to choose the right smartwatch for you

best smart watch for woman

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Keep these three factors in mind when shopping for the perfect smartwatch.

Budget: Smartwatches typically cost anywhere from $150 to $750 or more. Budget models are little more than fitness trackers that tell time, while pricier smartwatches are feature-rich with full-color touchscreens and fast processing power.

Compatibility: Many smartwatches work with any phone, but some are only compatible with Apple or Samsung. Smartwatches with built-in cellular don’t need to be paired with your phone to deliver GPS, mobile payments, and the like.

Comfort: Smartwatches with large cases (44mm and above) can look and feel uncomfortable, especially if you have a small wrist. A 36mm or 38mm smartwatch might be a better fit in this case.

Which smartwatch is worth buying?

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It depends on how you plan to use it. “Smartwatches have embraced many new features and functions, from fitness tracking to helping you manage your daily life,” says Jamie Kim, a consumer products expert who reviewed many of the models in this report. ” “If you’re going to pay extra for all these bells and whistles, just make sure you actually use them.”

It is also important to choose a smartwatch that will stand the test of time. Our impact and water resistance tests are designed to eliminate any dirt. As with all smart products (a fast-moving category with many new entrants), it’s generally wise to stick with the more established brands. Apple, Samsung and Fitbit have consistently performed well over the years, although we’ve also been impressed by other brands.

Bottom line: Choose a watch with the right look and feature set for you. Our top picks are tailored for different lifestyles and will help you on your shopping journey. Winners are based on our comprehensive lab testing and review of updates to past favorites.

Why Trust Good Housekeeping?

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Dan DiClerico is the Director of Home Improvement and Outdoors at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Dan has written extensively about smart home technology since its inception, including the boom in the 2010s with the launch of connected products such as the Nest Thermostat and the Amazon Alexa smart speaker. He is a respected thought leader on the subject and has spoken at industry events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), CEDIA and the International Builders Show.

Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the institute. Rachel has personally tested nearly 50 smartwatches for the institute during her tenure and constantly meets established brands like Fitbit and Apple as well as new brands as they emerge to stay informed. He has also spoken on panels at CES on the benefits of smartwatches, fitness trackers and other related topics.

Jamie Kim has been testing consumer products for over a decade, including textiles, consumer electronics and wellness devices. Accessorizing with smartwatches is fun, but finding the perfect balance of form and function can be tricky, especially when you’re focused on finding the best smartwatch for women. The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from these days.

The Fossil Gen 6 Women’s Smartwatch is a top choice for several reasons, including premium features and a classic yet stylish design. This might be the best Android smartwatch for women, but it’s just one of many options to consider. We’ve rounded up the best picks to help you find the right one for your needs.There are many great smartwatches for women.

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Fossil Gen 6 Women’s Smartwatch

(Image credit: Fossil)

  • Fossil Gen 6 Women’s Smartwatch
  • New and improved
  • Today’s best deals
  • View on Amazon
  • View on Amazon
  • Check it out on GameStop
  • Reasons to buy
  • + Stylish, lightweight design
  • + External speakers, more storage
  • +Onboard GPS, NFC, BLE, HRM, SpO2
  • + Google Assistant and Alexa
  • + Upgradable to Wear OS 3
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Modest battery life
  • The display may be bright.
  • -Battery saving modes limit functionality.

If you were a fan of the Gen 5 smartwatches from Fossil, but hoped for an upgrade, you’ll appreciate the Gen 6 smartwatches — including the gorgeous Fossil Gen 6 Women’s Smartwatch. It comes with a stylish design, upgradability to Wear OS 3, and an external speaker. It also does and has everything you need: activity and heart rate tracking, an SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen, three ATM water resistance (up to 30 meters deep), Google Pay, Alexa, Google Assistant, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy, and notifications.

If this watch looks familiar, that’s because it’s the women’s version of the Fossil Gen 6. You’ll have a Snapdragon 4100+ processor, which helps battery life quite a bit. If you were hoping for a major upgrade, you may be disappointed. The Gen 6 Women’s has an estimated lifespan of 24+ hours, which isn’t quite the improvement we were hoping for. It’s been a thorn in the side of Wear OS for quite some time. Thankfully, the Fossil Gen 6 improves on the Gen 5 lineup with faster charging speeds.

You can always use battery saving modes to get more use between charges. Extended mode turns off unnecessary features, such as always-on display, speaker, Wi-Fi, and touch-to-wake. Location and NFC are set to “on-demand”, so those radios only turn on when apps are using them. Turning on Airplane Mode also disables Bluetooth. Only time mode gives you a few extra hours when the battery is low by acting as just a clock. In short, if you plan to take full advantage of all the features the Gen 6 has to offer, you’ll need to charge it daily.

These are just a few reasons why the Gen 6 is the best smartwatch for women, including the fact that it’s smaller than the men’s variant. It also costs less than the flagship Galaxy Watch 5 and has better battery life.The Garmin Vivomove Sport smartwatch is worn on the wrist.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

  • The best of both worlds
  • Today’s best deals
  • View on Amazon
  • View on Amazon
  • Check it out on GameStop
  • Reasons to buy
  • + Heart rate monitoring
  • + Activity/sleep tracking
  • + Keeping track of women’s health
  • + Body battery energy monitoring
  • + Blood oxygen monitoring
  • + Smartphone notifications
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • No built-in GPS.
  • -No NFC payment.
  • Poor visibility in direct sunlight

Sometimes you aim for the best of both worlds: a solid activity tracker with tons of features in the form of an affordable smartwatch. Garmin Vivomove Sport will check all these boxes and more. Before we touch on the features, let’s talk about the design. The Vivomove Sport is a hybrid smartwatch that comes in a 40mm plastic case and silicone band. Color options are Ivory, Cocoa, Cool Mint, and Black.

There are a lot of features to go around. You get five days of battery life on a single charge, 5 ATM water resistance, activity/sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, stress tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, women’s health tracking and more. will enjoy. It comes in a variety of colors, including gold, pink, black, silver and rose gold. The elegant design may make this watch seem like it’s just about looks, but it’s not.

When it comes to hybrid wearables, you have to make some sacrifices. You get a monochrome OLED display that’s only present at the bottom of the display, so swiping and tapping is limited. Visibility of the touchscreen is not good even in direct sunlight. The Garmin Vivomove Sport may be loaded with health/activity tracking benefits, but don’t expect any extras. You have to use the GPS connected to your phone and you have to pay NFC.

Apple Watch Series 7

  • Improved health tracking
  • Today’s best deals
  • Reasons to buy
  • + Onboard GPS
  • + SPO2 tracking and ECG
  • + Optional LTE
  • + Fast charging
  • + Large display
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Short battery life (still)
  • Not for Android users.
  • -very expensive

A common debate among Apple users is whether or not to upgrade to the latest model. Opinions are somewhat mixed when it comes to the new Apple Watch Series 7. With that said, some improvements may catch your eye. For starters, you can now choose between larger case sizes: 41mm and 45mm. The physical design has also changed a bit. The watches have thin bezels and large displays. The aluminum lineup has five different color options: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and (Product) Red.

Another upgrade that most users will appreciate is the new USB-C charging cable. Unfortunately, this does nothing to improve the disappointing 18-hour battery life, but you’ll be able to charge your watch faster than ever before. You can bring your dead Apple Watch Series 7 from zero to 80% in just 45 minutes. If you’re in a hurry, charging your watch for eight minutes will give you eight hours of battery life.

Indoors, the brightness of the always-on display on your device is increased to 70%. Larger displays have other benefits as well. For example, the watch can now fit 50% more text on its display than its predecessor. You will also have access to a full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. Additionally, the QuickPath feature allows you to tap or slide from one letter to another as you type. If you’re a loyal iOS user, the Apple Watch Series 7 is easily the best smartwatch for women.

Garmin Venu 2S

  • (Image credit: Garmin)
  • Garmin Vino 2
  • Better features
  • Today’s best deals
  • View on Amazon
  • View at Garmin US
  • Check it out on GameStop
  • Reasons to buy
  • + GPS, HRM, NFC
  • + Three types are available.
  • + Up to 11 days of battery life
  • + Sleep score, fitness age, health snapshot
  • +Onboard music storage and Garmin Pay
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Extremely expensive
  • -The 40mm model is the same price as the 45mm.
  • When you think of Garmin, stylish smartwatches might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the new Garmin Venu 2 does things differently.

There are now two size options to choose from: the Venu 2 is 40mm, and the smaller Venu 2S is 45mm. While you get the same internals inside the Venu 2 and 2S, things are a little different with the larger Venu 2 Plus, which is 43mm and comes with a built-in microphone for using voice assistants and making calls. All three wearables have a battery life of nine to eleven days.

A great feature for health enthusiasts is the added sleep score. You’ll get a sleep score based on the quality and quantity of sleep you got the previous night. The new Health Snapshot feature lets users log into a two-minute session and record vital health statistics, which can be shared with healthcare providers. Garmin Venu 2 also has a Fitness Age feature that uses key metrics to predict whether your body is bigger or smaller than your actual age. If this is your goal, you will receive tips on how to reduce your fitness age.

Of course, with a premium design and solid set of features, some compromises are bound to be made. First and foremost, this smartwatch is expensive. Some people might not be willing to pay that much for a smartwatch. Second, you might expect the smaller Venu 2S model to be a bit more affordable, but they all cost the same. If you can live with these sacrifices, you might find the Venu 2 one of the best Garmin smartwatches you can buy.

Best Smartwatch for Women: How to Choose

best smart watch for woman

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Of course, your final decision will depend on what you’re looking for in a smartwatch. If you want a fashionable wearable that doubles as a fitness tracker, there are plenty of solid choices. We’d definitely love to see more wearables for women on the market, especially since most smartwatches for women leave a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, these options are a good start. No matter which one you choose, you will get a stylish design with a great set of features.

Before making a decision, be sure to think about what you want from your smartwatch. For example, if it’s a feminine design that you like, you can choose a smartwatch that is specifically designed with women in mind. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about finding a watch with a specific set of features, you’ll want to choose one of the many unisex options that have everything you need in one. go For more options, check out our overall list of the best Android smartwatches.

With that said, we feel confident in naming the Fossil Gen 6 Women’s Smartwatch as the best smartwatch for women. The eye-catching design is a major selling point, but there’s a lot more underneath.

These days, technology and fashion are mixing more than ever. But, it’s not just high-tech apparel that has found a place in your wardrobe. Accessories, such as smart watches, are also incredibly stylish and practical, making them a worthwhile purchase for every modern woman. Perfect for everyday use, smart watches allow you to keep all your valuable information on your wrist. From messages to emails and other notifications, these sophisticated pieces can do more than just tell the time, and we can prove it. Here’s our guide to the best smartwatches for women that are both functional and stylish.

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Look stylish at work or on the running track wearing the Apple Watch Series 5. With an always-on display and dedication to your health, it’s sure to keep you feeling great. It includes an ECG app, a noise monitor, and a workout tracker to promote and kick start your healthy life. Every health goal you want to achieve gets closer with this remarkable watch.Apple Watch Series 5

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 takes sleep tracking analysis to a whole new level and offers insight into your sleep. You can also take advantage of a stress level monitor and use a calm app. This watch is beautiful and comfortable to wear, but most importantly, it is designed to help us better understand our fitness goals. The technology uses sensors to track and monitor, and it also has alerts to detect high or low heart rates.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

3. Wings steel

There’s something special about the Wings Steel Activity and Sleep Watch, and it’s perfect for a woman who wants to take control of her health! This timepiece can seamlessly track your activities as well as the calories you burn doing them. It can also be used as a sleep monitoring device, making sure you wake up at the best possible time. The battery will last up to 8 months without charging, and the watch offers automatic synchronization. If that’s not enough, a face with a clean and straight design looks great too!Wings Steel Activity and Sleep Watch

4. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch looks stunning, especially in the peach/rose gold design, but looks aren’t everything. The timepiece has more to offer than just good looks, and among its many features, it can track your daily activities, including heart rate and sleep stages. Depending on what exercises you plan to do, you can switch between different exercise modes such as running or swimming, recording workouts, and connecting to smartphone GPS. Other highlights include the ability to store and play hundreds of songs, and the ability to receive calls and texts. What more could you want from a smartwatch?!Fitbit Versa Smartwatch.

Garmin Vívomove HR, hybrid smartwatch

There’s a lot to like about the Garmin Vívomove HR, a hybrid smartwatch that’s perfect for both men and women. Timepiece allows you to manage many different features, including controlling your music, incoming calls, and text messages. It’s also great for monitoring physical activity, with heart rate estimation and a variety of health monitoring capabilities, from stress management to counting steps. You don’t even have to stress about charging it every day. Five days in smart mode and 2 weeks in watch mode. Personalize your watch by choosing from many different wrist strap and face color combinations.Garmin Vívomove Hr.

Fossil General 4 Venture

Fossil makes some of the best when it comes to watches, and the brand’s smartwatches are no exception. For women, the Fossil Gen 4 venture is particularly impressive. With built-in activity tracking as well as notifications for texts, calls, social messages and emails, this watch will keep you connected and motivated. It also features an interchangeable strap and customizable dial, so you can tailor its look to your style.

Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture

 Motorola Moto 360 Sport

With an option designed specifically for women, the second-generation Motorola Moto 360 is a smartwatch that women love. Along with a stylish rounded design, the intelligent timepiece also offers a host of other benefits, including notifications for messages, news, weather and more. The watch also works as an activity tracker, monitoring your steps, calories, and heart rate right from your buy

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Huawei Watch

Classic luxury design and cutting-edge technology make the Huawei Watch an impressive accessory. Its appearance is surprisingly chic, making this well-crafted watch look more like a piece of jewelry for your wrist than a smartphone. However, its functionality is also excellent. Using Android Wear, it delivers notifications and can make calls.

Buying the right smartwatch

  • Buying a new smartwatch is all about finding the right device for your needs. Consider the factors below when choosing the right fit.
  • Smartwatch features: If you’re hoping to extend your smartphone, a smartwatch with solid notification support and a large display is essential. Apple Watch Series 8 has excellent app support and lots of smart features. For non-Apple users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best Wear OS smartwatch on the market.
  • Fitness Tracking: From steps and calories to training and recovery tools, there are also many fitness tracking features to consider. For runners and cyclists, GPS is especially important. Some devices feature built-in GPS, as well as tracking dozens of sports and activities.
  • Health monitoring: Smartwatches can also play a role in your health and fitness. Sensors, features, and dedicated health apps expand the potential impact of many devices. Choose a smartwatch with the tools you need, whether it’s a heart rate sensor, sleep tracking capabilities, or an SpO2 monitor.
  • Device Size: How about fitting all these features on your wrist? Many of the devices below come in multiple sizes. For women looking for something more compact, the Fitbit Charge 5 packs tons of fitness features into minimal real estate. Similarly, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 offers a similar aesthetic but at a budget price.
  • Software: Finally, look, feel, comfort and functionality are all top priorities but don’t forget to look for timely software updates. Some brands are better than others at keeping appliances fresh.
  • Apple Watch Series 8: The best smartwatch for women is the Apple Watch Series 8. You need an iPhone to use it, so if you’re an Android user, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series: The Galaxy Watch 5 is the best Apple Watch alternative and the best Wear OS smartwatch for women. It can pair with most Android phones, although the best results are found with Samsung phones.
  • Fitbit Sense: The best Fitbit smartwatch for women is the Fitbit Sense. It is rich in sensors, customizable design, and excellent tracking software.
  • Fitbit Versa 3: Versa 3 is Fitbit’s best alternative to Sense. The two are very similar, but the Versa 3 drops a few sensors in favor of a lower price tag.
  • Garmin Venu 2 Plus: The best Garmin smartwatch for women is the Venu 2 Plus. It’s one of the best multisport tracking watches available right now and Garmin’s best smartwatch yet.
  • Fitbit Charge 5: Fitbit Charge 5 is the best fitness tracker for women. It offers a complete fitness tracking feature set and a compact design.
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 7: The cheapest fitness tracker for women is the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. It’s incredibly cheap and weighs more than what its weight (and price tag) would suggest.
  • Apple Watch Series 8: The Best Smartwatch for Women

On the user’s wrist, the Apple Watch Series 8 displays their app library.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best smartwatch for women and, in our opinion, the best smartwatch in general. The device has a premium build, and a bright AMOLED display with plenty of room for text and menus, as well as unparalleled third-party app support, and all the basic fitness tracking features you could need. In short, it looks great and packs a lot of functionality.

With the Apple Watch Series 8, you can track your daily activities and overall fitness in the corresponding app on your iPhone. It also has tools and compatibility so you can personalize your device to suit your needs. Monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, log movement goals, and measure your blood oxygen with the device’s SpO2 sensor. Specifically for women, the Apple Watch offers Cycle Tracking, a helpful and informative app for tracking your menstrual cycle. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 8 is one of only a handful of wearable devices to feature a temperature sensor and leverage temperature data for deeper insights. Menstruators can use the Apple Watch Series 8 to predict ovulation dates in advance.

In addition to health and fitness, Apple Watch Series 8 is fully integrated with your iPhone, so you can receive calls and texts directly from your wrist. The device can store music, manage smart home devices, access Siri, and more. If budget is a concern, the Apple Watch SE 2 offers a lot of features for a small price.

Apple Watch Series 8 (Wi-Fi)

  • Apple Watch Series 8 (Wi-Fi)
  • Excellent Retina Display • Premium Design • Advanced Tracking Sensors
  • A rugged design, and better sensors than the Apple Watch.
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 with Wi-Fi connectivity has a temperature sensor to monitor body changes and gain better insight into women’s cycles. Apple has designed the Series 8 to be more resistant, with a thicker front crystal and a stronger geometry, and the case is made from 100% recycled materials.


  • Best Retina display
  • Premium design and construction

How to choose the best smartwatch for women

How to choose the best smartwatch for women

best smart watch for woman

Among the best smartwatches for women, you have plenty of options to suit your needs and style. That said, if you have an iPhone, you’ll probably appreciate the ecosystem experience of the Apple Watch 7 or Apple Watch SE. As with Samsung smartphones, your best bet is the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but if fitness tracking or exercise is your priority, wear a Fitbit or Garmin to help you reach your goals. Could be better. In addition, both of those companies offer a variety of design options.

When choosing any smartwatch, you’ll also want to get one that fits comfortably on your wrist. Those with smaller wrists may find large smartwatches bulky and cumbersome. All of the smartwatches listed above have 40mm or smaller size options, although the 34mm Garmin Lily is far more compact.

Some of the best smartwatches for women look like high-tech fitness trackers, while others look like traditional timepieces. If you want something sporty, stick to sleek materials with less embellishment. If you want something you can wear to a nice occasion, look for bezels or other eye-catching accents.Be sure to check out our smartwatch buying guide for more smartwatch buying advice.

How we test the best smartwatches for women

Whenever an attractive smartwatch for women is released, we fully charge it, then strap it to our wrist for about a week to test all the features.

We evaluate how it feels on our wrist throughout the day, as well as how easy (or not) to navigate the interface when we need to read notifications, set a timer or change other settings. . Next, we look at its fitness features, such as heart rate readings, blood oxygen readings, step counts and, when applicable, GPS. How accurate are all these readings? Does the smartwatch offer specific features for women to track periods or pregnancy?

Finally we look at battery life claims and compare it to our actual usage. Some features like continuous use of GPS, playing music or enabling always-on display tend to juice faster than others. We believe that all smart watches .

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